With combined experience of over 25 years in Healthcare Recruiting, MedAssess Staffing excels in providing highly qualified, expertly trained medical professionals for a variety of settings.

Here at MedAssess, we specialize in the placement of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians for home-based, health risk assessments in cities throughout the US, in addition to certified medical coders for remote assignments. Whether you’re in Florida, Texas, Ohio, or California, your recruiter works with you to find assignments that are the best fit for your schedule.

Most of our positions are available for full time and part time, allowing you to provide the hours you would like to work. We remain in communication with our employees and employers throughout duration of assignments, so you never feel as if you’re working without our support.

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Health Assessments

Health Assessments are a major piece of our nation’s growing focus on healthcare. MedAssess Staffing specializes in the recruitment and placement of Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Physicians for home-based, health risk assessments.

MedAssess Staffing and Recruiting

MedAssess Staffing also recruits and employs Medical Coders who are assigned to specific projects that will utilize their skills in a remote setting. Projects vary in length and volume.

Customer Service

Autonomy and flexibility is yours to enjoy while working with MedAssess. Excellent customer service and attention to the details of your assignment are our trademark. MedAssess prides itself on being responsive to your personal and professional needs

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